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Our Mission


Our History

3e McKinney (dba 3e United) was founded in 2006 by retired McKinney City Manager Larry Robinson and a group of churches who wanted to engage their church families in service to their community.  Over the years, those opportunities included community clean up, Clothe the Child, and Run for Cover, a fundraiser for agencies focused on homelessness.

By far, their greatest impact has been their partnership with the McKinney ISD Reach Program.  Together they engaged churches and businesses to adopt the Title One schools in McKinney.  Many of the original churches are still engaged with their adopted school.  The impact upon that school extends to the leadership, the teachers, and the students and their families.

With the success of the Adopt-A-School program, 3e is now focused on helping to increase the number of mentors at all schools.  That personal connection has made such a difference in the student behavior, attention and desire to learn. 

In 2019, the Board of Directors and Covenant Church Partners met to review their mission, and see God's direction for the organization.  The result of that meeting included a new mission and a new direction.


Our Mission

3e McKinney dba 3e United is a collection of churches who have come together under the shared mission of :  3e McKinney dba 3e United Equips The Church to Engage our Community with the Gospel of the Kingdom to Empower the Under-Resourced.  Matthew 4: 12-25

Most recently, 3e has empowered churches to engage the community by partnering with McKinney Independent School District to pioneer an Adopt-a-School program which includes providing mentors to kids in school.  To address the learning loss experienced uniformly during the pandemic, mentors are a key component of the team (along with educators, administrators, parents, businesses, etc.) to ensure all kids receive the education needed to compete globally.

Earlier in 2021, 3e partnered with another organization to host a Collin County-wide gathering called Come Unity, Thy Kingdom Come.  The purpose of the gathering was to educate and empower churches to more effectively address the sin of racism and embrace God's multi-ethnic kingdom family.




"3e has been a vital partner with McKinney ISD for many years.  They helped us REACH ONE CHILD, one family at a time by walking through the doors of campuses across McKinney.  They have given their heart and time and continue to impact our community." 

Nancy Cowlishaw, Partners In Education Coordinator


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