MVP - Most Valuable Possessions

A collaboration between 3e United/One Heart McKinney and Hope Restored Missions

The name of the program, Most Valuable Possessions (MVP), seeks to communicate to children and youth experiencing homelessness that they are God’s most valuable possessions and that they themselves have valuable possessions that no one can take away from them such as their talents, skills, interests, and education.



Mission: Provide homeless children and youth with access to the needed supports and resources in order to succeed in school.



Purpose: Create a safety net of people and resources to motivate and equip homeless children and youth to succeed in school and help mitigate some of the negative impact of homelessness on other aspects of their lives. 



Provide referrals to people and resources in order to help meet needs identified by parents:

  • Material needs (food, clothing, school supplies, etc.)
  • Emotional needs (free counseling)
  • Spiritual needs (Christian based activities)
  • Academic needs (tutoring, homework help, exploration of interests in various subjects)

Coordinate "Care Teams" of 2 or 3 adult volunteers to meet with children or youth to help identify their interests, talents, and strengths and provide ways to explore and develop these most valuable possessions. 

Churches to host Fun Family Nights for MVP families who are living in motels. Provide free casual dinner, games, movie night, etc. so that these families are able to have a break from being in the confines of the motel rooms.

(Note: MVP is not intended to address the families’ general needs and is not designed to do “case management” of overall social services support. Rather, it seeks to focus on helping to meet the children’s needs and motivating them to succeed in school. Whenever requested, parents will be referred to social service organizations for general assistance.)

For information, contact: Marcy Wilson or 469-631-0129

See 2 page MVP Flyer for more details.

(Organizations may request hard copies of the flyer for distribution.)

We are seeking volunteers to help with planning or to form Care Teams to meet with children or youth.

To find out more, email: Marcy Wilson